Say It, Survivor co-founders Mary and Laura with workshop participant, Jen.

We are deeply committed offering help to any survivor of child sexual abuse looking to do the work to reclaim her story.  In order to do that we need your help to keep workshop fees low, offer scholarships to any survivor in need, and continue to grow the Say It, Survivor on-line community.


We are well aware our story is not special. There are so many survivors carrying around dark and heavy secrets believing they are alone in what happened to them. That was us, too.  When we were able to process our story and tell it shamelessly, our lives changed. We healed. We want that opportunity for every survivor.


One of the things we are proudest of is the profound sense of community we have here at Say It, Survivor.  After every workshop we’ve held, we’ve had at least one of our participants contact us to see if she could pay it forward in some way. Inevitably she tells us that she wants for her sisters in survival the same healing and empowerment she found for herself.


Our goal is to take the Say It, Survivor message of healing and hope far and wide - but we cannot do it without your help.


Your donation will help to ensure that any survivor who wants to attend a workshop is able to do so, and to keep our on-line community thriving.


If you want make it possible for a survivor in need to attend a workshop, you can choose to be a part of our Help a SISter Out! campaign. For $99 you can sponsor a survivor to participate in a full day workshop.


Won’t you join us in our mission to reach out to survivors everywhere and help them heal?


Please meet Jen, a member of the SIS community. We’ve asked her to share her workshop experience with you and tell you what Say It, Survivor has come to mean to her.







"Laura and Mary are such compassionate, understanding, loving, (hilarious!) individuals. From the moment I walked in the door, I knew, 'This is where I’m supposed to be. This is going to be the missing piece.' We laughed, we cried, we wrote, and we healed. I left with a clear understanding, more solid than it had ever been: crimes had been committed against me. I was the victim, and I had nothing to justify, prove, or explain. And I would no longer allow anyone, including myself, to question, judge, or shame my experiences. Following the workshop, I felt as rooted down as I had ever been, so I stood tall and wrote the blog post I had been waiting to write. The one where I told the world, “I am a survivor.” I pressed submit and felt no shame, no dread, no fear – just strong, tall, free, and light. I had never felt that way before, and the workshop helped me get there. My gratitude is endless."


Jen - Say It, Survivor Workshop participant

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What did you take away from the SIS workshop?

How do you feel now that you've told your story?

What does Say It, Survivor mean to you?

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